Annual Award Announcement

Congratulations to Our Award Winners for 2021!


Thesis and Dissertation Awards

The Thesis and Dissertation Awards are given each year in coordination with the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools and the Council of Graduate Schools.   Each year, Colleges are asked to submit nominations for their best master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation to the Graduate School for review by the Thesis and Dissertation Award Committee. Faculty are invited to serve on this committee.  The disciplines considered for the award change each year on a rotating basis.  Nominations are typically requested during Fall semester each year and are submitted by the Associate Deans of each College.

2021 Master’s Thesis Award Winners

The thesis completion and graduation date must be from July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2020.

Social Sciences, Business, & Education:  Jordan W. Barbee,  MS Kinesiology, Associations of Coach, Peer, and Parent-Initiated Motivational Climate with Burnout and Engagement

IR Link: (mentor Thomas D. Raedeke, PhD)

2021 Dissertation Award Winners

The dissertation completion and graduation date must be from July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2020.

Humanities & Fine Arts:  Temptaous T. Mckoy, PhD, Rhetoric, Writing, & Professional Communication, Y’all Call it Technical Professional Communication, We Call it #ForTheCulture: The Use of Amplification Rhetorics in Black Communities and their Implications for Technical and Professional Communication Studies

IR Link: (mentor Michelle F. Eble, PhD)

Life Sciences:  Edward Sanderlin, PhD, IDPBBC-Biomedical Science, The Functional Roles of pH-Sensing G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Intestinal Inflammation

IR Link: (mentor Li Yang, PhD)


Distinguished Graduate Faculty Mentor Awards

The Faculty Mentor Awards are awarded each Spring at the Research & Creative Achievement Week award ceremony. Two faculty are chosen from student or peer nominations which undergo a robust application and review process.  The faculty mentor award committee includes the winners from the previous year. Nomination announcements are typically in October and November each year.

The winner for the Master’s category is Dr. Charlie Ewen, Department of Anthropology. Read more about Dr. Ewen here.

The winner for the Doctoral category is Dr. Mark Bowler, Department of Psychology. Read more about Dr. Bowler here.