Congratulations on taking the first step toward becoming a graduate student at ECU!  We commend you for your decision to seek admission and embark on a new educational journey that has the potential to enhance your career and earning potential.  Welcome to the Pirate Nation!


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    After you apply, please be sure to retain your account username and password. You will be able to check the status of your application by logging into your Self-Service Center. You will receive occasional emails letting you know about missing documents as well as when your application is complete and sent to your program for review.

    Once the application is sent to the program for review and decision, the Graduate Admissions office can no longer update you on the status of your application. Some programs review and make admission decisions as soon as the application is received; others review their full pool of applicants at one time. For information about the timeline for an admission decision, please contact your program directly.  Email communications are sent to first-time applicants when a decision has been made by their programs admissions committee, but system limitations don’t allow us to replicate that process for individuals who have made an application previously or for more than one program in their initial application cycle.  Consequently, you are strongly encouraged to proactively monitor your application status by logging into your Self-Service Center at least weekly.

    Admission Types

    Admissions to a graduate program at ECU is based on an evaluation of an applicant’s overall record, experience, personal qualifications, and proposed area of study. Applications and supporting credentials are reviewed by the Office of Graduate Admissions and by the graduate program to which you seek admission.  The criteria used for admission decisions vary according to programs and schools/colleges and reflect an evaluation of the applicant’s potential for graduate work. The Graduate Council established guidelines for admission types, and those types are identified below.

    Regular Admission – applicant meets or exceeds programs admission standards.

    Admission by Exception – applicant doesn’t meet one or more of the program admission standards but has other offsetting strengths as identified in the holistic review process that provides reasonable assurance that the applicant can successfully navigate the curriculum.  Admission by exception requires the student to earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the first 9 or more completed hours to remain in the program.  Typically, an AE hold is placed on the student’s registration for the subsequent term until grades are posted and can be evaluated by the Graduate School.  However, for the 2019-2020 AY, this practice is being temporarily suspended so we can assess operational practice.  Students who are admitted under Admit by Exception status will still have the AE designation on their record and will have to meet the academic requirements as such, but the AE hold will NOT prevent registration in the subsequent terms. Students will still be reviewed each term to document whether they are making progress toward a 3.0 or not.

    Provisional Admission – Applicant is determined to be admissible, but one or more required final documents have not yet been received by the Graduate School at the time of admission. Most often, this refers to an official final transcript with the degree and conferral date posted or a copy of a license required by the program.  The student is allowed to register for the first term of admission and is able to apply for financial aid, but the aid will not be applied until the required document is received by the Graduate School. Registration for future terms is restricted pending receipt of the final document. Students admitted provisionally can attain full graduate standing and receive their financial aid award after submitting the required missing document(s).

    Conditional Admission (international) – Programs may elect to participate in conditional admission, which is reserved for international applicants only.  Conditional admission is a deferred admission type.  Programs who choose to engage in conditional admission basically agree to review an international applicants’ credentials without the submission of a TOEFL or IELTS score and possibly entrance exam scores for the specific purpose of seeing whether the applicant would be admissible for a future semester pending successful completion of ECU’s Language Academy (ECULA) or a degree program in the US prior to full admission to ECU.  Applicants pursuing conditional admission still must submit all other required items.  Upon successful completion of the language academy and any other condition of admission, the applicant would then be eligible for regular admission and may begin taking graduate courses at ECU.

    Admission Decisions

    When the program selection committee or program director makes a decision about an applicants admissibility, you will receive an email prompting you to log into your Self-Service Center to review your official decision letter.  Decision letters will reflect one of three potential decisions – accepted, waitlisted or denied.  Only limited programs utilize a waitlist option and they are generally for programs that are in the health professions.

    Respond to Your Offer of Admission

    If your program extended an offer of admission, the Graduate School requests a response to that offer.  Log into your Self-Service Center account, select the Applications icon from the top menu, click on decision letter, then within the actual decision letter you’ll see instructions telling you to click on the “respond” button located on the top right-hand corner of the letter.  Once you do that, you’ll have three options to choose from:

    • Accepted – I hereby confirm my intent to enroll as a graduate student at East Carolina University
    • Declined – I will not enroll and hereby forfeit my acceptance as a graduate student at East Carolina University.  I understand that if I change my mind, I must submit a new application.
    • Deferred – I request to defer my graduate admission offer because I am unable to attend this year/semester.  I understand that I must secure program approval to defer to a subsequent term and my admission term will not be changed until the program director has contacted the Graduate Admission Office to approve the change.

    Questions about the application process may be directed to the Graduate School by emailing or calling 252-328-6012

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