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Previous Semester Recordings

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Fall 2020

September 8      Racial Disparities in Maternal and Infant Health  Password: ZgKPrJ$3

September 15    The “Why” Behind Protests: Its History and Purpose. Password: mGJBwW$2

September 22    Resiliency in Princeville NC: The Important of Understanding Why Password: pPPjpi2*

September 29    The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion Password: PzMPPx3@

October 6           Access, Screening, Treatment: Multilevel Inequities Leading to Disparate Outcomes Password: Ucd34P8$

October 13         Focusing on LGBTQ Related Issues in Healthcare Curriculums   Password: Kq74hUp?

October 27         We Gather – A Phenomenological Approach to Black College Women’s Healing and Well-Being   Password: hJZ2r7f@

November 10      The Many Faces of Feminism  Password: XbG4Px3*

November 17      Supporting Undocumented Students’ Education in the US  We apologize for technical difficulties during this recording.  The PowerPoint presentation will be helpful to enhance the audio recording.   Recommended Reading Prior to Event

Spring 2021

February 16        US History and Other Unfortunate Events We Don’t Claim   Password: YigSw8A$

February 23        Why Doesn’t the Band Look Like Me?  Password: MikHUe*6

March 9               Building Supports for Undocumented Students  Password: NpNdsC$3

March 16            On the Road Toward an Anti-Racist Multicultural Institution  Technical Difficulties prevented recording

March 23            PIRATE Panel: Social Justice in the Education System  Password: KeeztP*2

April 6                 Gender Bias Within the Criminal Justice System: Both Sides of the Equation Password: 3zEM6e5*

April 13               Respecting Indigenous Sovereignty, Land, and Traditions to Reduce Health Disparities Password: jVG9JpN@

April 20               Canceled. Please join us again in Fall 2021!

Fall 2021

Sept 28 Institutional Responses to Discrimination: Creating a Safe and Supportive Space for Students  Recording Link     Password: ErsrXe7?

Oct 26  Climate Inequality: Discussing Climate Hazards and Their Impacts  Recording Link Password: nCwYpm3@

November 16 Building a Better Bookshelf: The Disparity between Students’ Identities and Available Literature in the K-12 Classroom  Recording Link  Password: iJhTUc@3