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If you are ready to grow in your career as a public service leader, contact us to learn more about the outstanding opportunities in graduate education at East Carolina University.

ECU’s motto is “To Serve”, so it’s no surprise we offer numerous programs to educate and develop leaders for public service. Many of these programs have a long history and all of them continue the tradition of excellence demonstrated by our many alumni engaged in public service across the state and nation.

Graduate Degrees

Graduate Certificates

In addition to our graduate degree programs, ECU offers several certificate programs that focus on a specific topic and can be completed in a shorter amount of time than a full degree program.

  • Economic Development – A flexible program that provides the economic development professional with right mix of analytical, theoretical and practical skills and knowledge.
  • Professional Communication -Providing communication professionals with the conceptual and technical knowledge needed to stay current and competitive.
  • Public Management and Leadership – Related to our Masters in Public Administration program, this certificate will help enhance your knowledge and skills as a public service leader.

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