3MT Awards, Winners, and Presentations

The awards given include:

  • Grand Champion (highest score) The Grand Champion is invited to participate in the regional competition, a virtual meeting this year, at the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools’ annual meeting in late February.
  • Department Cup (This coveted cup is awarded to the department whose top three presenters have the highest combined score).


Here is a sample of our most recent 3MT winners and their mentors/departments.


2021 3MT Awards

Overall Winners

  • Grand Champion – Lesha Rouse, College of Nursing, PhD program
  • 2nd place – Mandee Schaub, Brody School of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences – Physiology, MS program

People’s Choice Awards

  • 1st place – Jalynn Stewart, Anthropology, MA program
  • 2nd place – Arunprasad Sundharam, Computer Sciences, MS program

Department Cup

  • The College of Nursing

2019 3MT Awards

  • Grand Champion: Peter Kann – Department of Biology – Mentor: Trip Lamb
  • People’s Choice: Mallory de Araujo Miles – Department of Biology – Mentor: Kyle Summers
  • Departmental Cup: Biology

2018 3MT Awards

  • Grand Champion: Emory Wellman, Department of Biology
  • People’s Choice: Robert Driver, Department of Biology
  • Departmental Cup: Department of Biology

2017 3MT Awards

  • Grand Champion: Shelby Powers, Department of Physiology
  • People’s Choice: Steph Orr, Department of Biology
  • Departmental Cup: Department of Biology

2016 3MT Awards

  • Grand Champion: Sophronia Knott, Department of English
  • People’s Choice: Adam Stuckert, Department of Biology
  • Departmental Cup Winner: Department of Biology